Rio Grande

The Rio Grande restaurant is a steak house located in the in the center of Tel which offers excellent steaks. The cuts are carefully selected and are grilled and smoked.

Rio Grande has two floors. On the top floor, where you can host events for up to 25 guests, you will find a bar surrounded by tables. The tables on the lower floor face the open kitchen where the diners can see the grill and select meat cuts.

The Rio Grande menu offers a variety of unique appetizers, such as fresh Mediterranean calamari grilled with oyster mushrooms; bruschetta with slightly salty home-cured fish. Our entrées include various steaks, among which are the New York Steak, Porterhouse Beef Tenderloin and Spare Ribs, as well as other meat and fish dishes.

Address: 4 Herzl St., Tel Aviv

Tel: +972-53-8094949

Opening Hours: Sunday through Saturday, 5pm – last customer