About Us

Meat and Eat is a kosher meat restaurant located at the Tel Aviv Port. It offers a small but first-rate menu, fresh ingredients and excellent flavor. The breads are baked in the taboon oven, which is located centrally on the premises, allowing for fresh in-house baking and meat smoking for a unique culinary experience. The dishes are served with choice breads and light salads.

Located with a view to the sea at the Tel Aviv Port, Meat and Eat offers a welcoming urban atmosphere with touches of ocean. The interior decor allows for comfortable seating along benches and a variety of types of tables – intimate, group or shared. Meat and Eat's guests, visitors at the Port, hip youngsters, families and business people all enjoy an excellent kosher meat experience.

As the restaurant is kosher, Meat and Eat draws a large audience who comes specifically to dine there.

Meat and Eat is strictly kosher under the Badatz supervision of Rabbi Shlomo Machpud.

NEW at Meat and Eat

A private room with a panoramic view of the sea, for events for up to 100 guests.