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Meat and Eat in Tel Aviv Port

High quality tight menu, fresh produce and fine tastes – Meat and Eat combines two passions – for good meat and Taboon oven baked bread. Steaks, hamburgers, selection of meat and chicken portions all served next to quality bread and refreshing salads.

Meat and Eat, located at the Tel Aviv port, offers an urban atmosphere and a touch of sea. The restaurant's designed space allows for comfort dining, next to designed benches and an eclectic table selection – intimate, group or shared.

Some of the dishes on the menu: lamb Lahmacun; lamb and pine cones saniyeh with tomatoes, eggplant meat and oregano; 200 / 300 gr beef fillet, and many more.  

NEW in Meat and Eat!
Private Room for events up to 100 people with panoramic view to the sea 

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