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Food, Wine & Events at the Hans Sternbach Vineyard

The Hans Sternbach Vineyard consists of a Winery, an Organic Garden, a Restaurant and a Venue for small Events situated in the farmyard of Gadi Sternbach and Shula Yefet at the village of Giv`at-Yesha`ayahu, in the district of 'Adulam.

About a mile away, down the Hakhlil Valley, was planted in 1996 the Janaba Vineyard, from the grapes of which the wine is made.

The vineyard, named after Gadi's father, produces annually about 16000 bottles.

The restaurant runs a rustic Mediterranean menu, based on the local Palestinian cuisine, but borrowing many recipes from wine consuming regions around the Mediterranean.
Gadi and Shula are long time members of "Slow Food".
- The vineyard is organically fertilized. Spraying and artificial irrigation are minimal.
- The grapes grow close to the vineyard and the wine is made without biochemical manipulations.
- The cuisine is local, prefers local products and uses, as much as possible, wild plants and crops of the restaurant's garden.
- The employees are fairly treated and decently paid

On Friday and on Saturday:
* The Restaurant is open to the General Public for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner,
accompanied by wines of the winery and served in vine pergolas, overlooking the magnificent landscape of the tributaries of the Ella valley.
* Tours of the Winery (including wine tasting and wine purchase) commence every round hour from 10am to 5pm.
* Taste & Buy Shula's Delicacies - cold roasted and cured meats, soft cheeses, jellies, jams and marmalades, made from the fruit of the garden.

On the other week days – by prior arrangement:
- Order Meals for groups (10 pax & up) and Special events (up to 200pax).
Visit the Winery, taste and purchase its wines.
- Taste & Buy Shula's Delicacies

Tel.: +972-2-9990162;    Mobile: +972-52-3859926;    E-mail: sk-gadi@zahav.net.il 

83 Givat Yshayahoo, P.O.Box Emek Haela 99825, Givat Yeshaayahu.
Phone: 053-8094670online Reservation
Fax: 02-9911703
Email: sk-gadi@zahav.net.il
Open Hours:
Friday - Saturday 10:00 - 20:00

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