Declaration of website accessibility

2eat sees great importance in providing an equal service to all its users. Many efforts have been made to make this website accessible.
A series of measures have been adopted to improve this website's accessibility, convenience and user friendliness, regardless of the physical condition of its users.
The content of the website has been made clear and well-constructed.
The web presentation has been designed with a view to accessibility. It is adjusted to users with a vision disability.
Navigation has been made fast and easy: use the "Tab" key to switch between buttons and the arrow keys to scroll up and down.
Font size is adjustable via browser.
Web pages are accessible with the use of toolbars and via the "site map" button.
The accessibility improving of this website is still in progress. Reservations are not yet possible without the use of a mouse.
We shall continue to improve the accessibility level of this website.

In case of any accessibility problems, please inform us and we will make the necessary amendments.

Contact us with accessibility-related comments, ideas and suggestions at