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Isabella: Across from Haifa port, down the hill from the German Colony, resides Isabella.  For the past 12 years, Isabella has been providing a diverse Italian menu. Like in Italy, where the food is an important part of the culture, so it is in Isabella. An abundance of art pieces is presented in the restaurant: paintings hanging on the walls, live shows and jazz music playing, all of which are embedded in Italian tastes and flavors.

Menu: Isabella is known for its high-quality fresh meats, as well as meats aged on the premises.  The pastas are handmade and the rich wine list focuses on local wineries.  Isabella also offers indulging desserts made in the restaurant's pastry kitchen.

Isabella's kitchen integrates the Italian cuisine with the Israeli palate. On the menu you'll find an abundance of meats, seafood and fish, pastas, stuffed focaccias and salads.  Some of the offered dishes are eggplant and veal filet carpaccio; the Isabella Duet of veal filet and cabernet and mushroom sauce; pesto gnocchi; grilled entrecote and changing chef's specials.

Private Events at Isabella: Isabella's space is large and can be divided into two different areas, separated by a seating bar, and an external porch that looks out over the German Colony.  Isabella's classic, elegant design allows for several atmosphere choices.

Isabella offers a special, rich, custom made events menu. Aside for the food, Isabella offers a high-quality alcohol selections and a rare wine list, all of which make for an unforgettable event.

High end culinary, Italian-local cuisine, rich alcohol selections and a special atmosphere – all make your night at Isabella an unforgettable dining experience.

Happy to welcome you, the Isabella team.




6 Ben Gurion Blvd St. , Haifa.
Phone: 053-8094591online Reservation
Open Hours:
Sunday - Saturday 09:30 - last customer

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