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Salads from Café Café

Choice of four (4) salads

Café Café Salad – Greens, cherry tomatoes, onion, roasted sweet potato cubes, walnuts and sugared cashews. Served with honey mustard vinaigrette

Mediterranean Salad – Greens, cherry tomatoes, croutons, roasted peppers, roasted eggplant, grated Bulgarian cheese (Sirene) and cucumber. Served with mint vinaigrette

Root Salad – Carrot, celery, sprouts, red and white cabbage, red, green and yellow peppers, nuts and seeds. In sesame oil and date honey dressing

Chopped Vegetable Salad – Tomatoes and cucumbers (also available with chopped onion and parsley)

Cherry Tomato and Pesto Salad – Halved cherry tomatoes, sprouts, mushrooms. In pesto dressing

Cold Pasta Salad – Penne, Kalamata olives, cubes of Bulgarian cheese (Sirene), cherry tomatoes, strips of roasted pepper. In pesto and olive oil dressing

Platters and Dips

Cheeses – Emek cheese, Tzfat cheese and feta

Flavored Cream Cheeses – Pesto, sun-dried tomatoes and olives

Antipasti – A selection of roasted vegetables such as peppers in various colors, sweet potato, onion, etc.

Dips – Tapanade, pesto, sun-dried tomato spread, artichoke spread


Small loaves of white or multi-grain bread

Garlic fingers

Vegetable focaccia

Hot Dishes

Shakshuka – Café Café

Potato Gratin – Potato boats baked in cream and garlic sauce

Pasta (penne/fettuccini) – Fettuccini napolitana, Penne with mushroom Alfredo sauce

Quiche – Various quiches   

Baked salmon in citrus vinaigrette sauce (for extra cost)

In the winter – Hot soup!

Substitute Side Dishes (instead of one of the hot dishes)

Substitute stir-fried noodles with vegetables for one of the pasta dishes

Substitute home fries (cubed potatoes in chili sauce) or baked potato wedges for the potato gratin

Hot Drinks

Elite ness café, Turkish coffee, various flavored teas, milk

Soft drinks

Orange juice, lemonade, natural concentrates only, water


A selection of Café Café cakes

Switzerland – Mascarpone cream, bitter-sweet chocolate crunch and caramelized nuts, on a chocolate and nut meringue, topped with a drizzle of white chocolate cream

Rosemary – Belgian chocolate cream with nougat, on a special and surprising crunchy base, coated with milk chocolate ganache

Cappuccino Cheese – Baked cheese cake coated with delicate cappuccino ganache and sprinkled with crushed caramelized pecans

Tri-Chocolates – White chocolate cream, bitter sweet chocolate cream and coffee cream, covered in crumbled home-made chocolate cake

Igloo – Nutella mousse with white chocolate mousse on a bed of biscotti, delicately coated with white chocolate ganache

Tiramisu – Layers of espresso-drenched biscotti and mascarpone cheese cream with coffee liqueur

Kinder Bueno – Chocolate and nougat cream on a hazelnut, chocolate and crunchy nougat meringue, coated with bitter-sweet chocolate ganache

**Alternative dessert available – Mousse cups + chocolate/lemon/nut/apple/berry pie


Extra cost for disposables (table cloths, napkins, plates, cups and cutlery) includes gratuity and handling costs.

Wait service available – to be coordinated with the host (gratuity to be paid directly to the waiters at the end of the event)


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