Bat Yaar

800 meters above sea level, at the heart of Biriya Forest, the Bat Yaar Ranch is a special cowboy restaurant where country music is played and fresh veal cuts are served.

From the beautiful lookout of Biriya Forest, you can see the entire north of the country – from Hula Valley to the Golan Heights and Hermon Mountain.

The Bat Yaar restaurant is situated in a large wooden building, air conditioned during summer days and heated with wood stove in winter times. Outside, private dining wagons are available. At the wooden tables, fresh professionally prepared and cooked over a steaming coal grill veal cuts dishes are served.

Find on Bat Yaar's menu special starters such as red beets with brinza cheese delivered from Zefad's Hameiri Dairy, fresh veal meat steaks, fresh burgers and chicken meat dishes.

Many family activities are available at Bat Yaar Ranch such as horse riding, jeep rides, Rope Park, bowling in nature, as well as other kids' activities such as a crafts area, bread baking activities, playground and a petting farm.

Bat Yaar Ranch is available for special private events.



Amuka, Amuka.
Phone: 053-8095147
Fax: 04-6999827
Open Hours:
Sunday - Saturday 12:00 - 21:00

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Open on Sabbath

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